I went for a walk this morning, and there was trash thrown out in the streets in multiple places. What’s behind the thinking on littering? I just don’t get it. Do litterbugs hate everyone? Aren’t they basically saying I want everyone to know I don’t care about this planet or your rights to an uncluttered world? I don’t care about anyone but me. But then in effect they’re also cluttering up their own space if someone doesn’t pick up their litter before they travel that route again. I just don’t get what kind of pleasure they’re getting out of it. I could see littering on someone’s yard that you don’t like… at least that way you’re sticking it to someone specific. I would enjoy littering at Mar-a-Lago. But littering on a random street??

I once saw a real street sign that said “$5000 fine for littering,” and since then when I see litter I fantasize about someone getting hit with that fine. The Christian in me knows I shouldn’t want someone to get hit with a fine that big, but the angry environmentalist in me would love to see that happen, and then maybe they couldn’t pay it, and then maybe they’d have to serve some jail time, and then maybe they’d lose their job, and then maybe their girlfriend Bertha would leave them, and then they would cry themselves to sleep every night because their new cellmate “Tiny” had taken a liking to them….. all because they couldn’t wait 10 minutes till they were at a proper trash receptacle!!!

Okay, I feel better. Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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