More daycare quotes!

A common theme in my blogging is my appreciation of the amazingly cute and wonderful things that come out of my ex-wife’s daycare classroom. If you’re living like a child it’s hard to not be optimistic – unless Luke snatches the toy you were playing with…so here’s some direct quotes heard by me this year from kids ages 2 to 5….

(When little kids don’t quite know how to lie yet) – ME: “Did you hit him?” KID: “No. I hit him.”

“I can’t sleep because my cot is too big.”

(Boy to girl) “Sit down! I can’t see!”

GIRL: “Maybe when you get bigger you can see through me.”

“Mr. Mark! I closed my eyes so you couldn’t see me!”

And finally the heart melter…

BOY: “I want to give you a hug because I love you.”

ME: “I love you too.”

BOY: “You’re the best Mr. Mark ever!”

Thanks for reading my blog. If you need some uplifting in life, just look down. There’s little dynamos running around at our feet all the time.

Mark Inglis

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