Worst to Best in 60 seconds

This morning I was witness to one of the most evil people I’ve ever seen and then in less than 60 seconds one of the most wonderful. This morning while I was walking, I saw a driver purposefully run over a duck in the road. She had plenty of time to see that it was there and slow down to avoid it, but she instead kept going full speed and ran right over it. She almost hit a second duck as well. If I had had a rock at that moment, it would have most definitely found it’s way through her back windshield! I was furious! But then another driver calmed me right down.

Right after the duck was run over another driver who saw it in the road stopped in the turn lane and got out to check on it. I wanted to save this nice lady some time, so I said “It’s dead. It got hit hard.” I kept walking, thinking there was nothing I could do for the duck and not wanting to get blood on my hands. I assumed with my eyewitness account that she would get back in her car and keep going as well, but when I looked back at the scene, this sweet lady was picking up the dead duck from the road and then I watched as she gently laid it in the grass next to the sidewalk – as if she were giving it a proper burial. I should have gone back and hugged her for her kindness, but instead I kept walking so I could come straight to my computer and tell all of you. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… in this world of ours we can turn our focus to the duck killers and stay angry all the time, or we can focus on the duck lovers and carry on with hope in our hearts. It’s all up to us. Thanks for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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