Ernest T. crashes through his windshield

Pretend the seat belt was just invented late last year. For months before it was created, people were sailing through their windshields when they had head-on collisions. People were dying right and left, but scientists were working around the clock to create something that would protect them, and then Eureka!, they did it! They made a strap that would protect us all in the event of a traffic accident. So the government starts mass producing this thing and offers it (free of charge) to anyone that wants it. There’s all kinds of auto mechanics and auto dealers and government officials and engineers that are making all kinds of public statements about how great this thing is and how well it works. They get this message out over and over and over for weeks and weeks… and it’s not just some experts that say it works, it’s the vast majority of car experts. Over time it’s very clear that this “seat belt” is working just as it was intended to work. So if someone, we’ll call him Ernest T., decides he doesn’t want this life saving device and decides to ignore all of the experts, and let’s say it’s been about 7 months that it’s been out, and then let’s say Ernest T. falls asleep at the wheel and crashes into a tree, causing him to sail through his windshield and die instantly as his head slams into the tree trunk, … should we really feel bad for Ernest T.? I guess what I’m saying is don’t bother the hospital workers when you get the Delta variant just because you thought that you were smarter than THOUSANDS OF DOCTORS ERNEST T.!!!!

Thanks for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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