Jesus the athlete?

I enjoyed watching the Olympics yesterday. I watched some skateboarding, and basketball, and gymnastics, and triathlon, but it didn’t dawn on me until this morning… I wonder if Jesus was an athlete, … what kind would He have been? He would have had good endurance from all the walking everywhere and climbing mounts to give sermons, and enduring the cross, so He would have been a good distance runner… and He was probably very strong from being a carpenter and the reference to Him turning the tables over of the money changers in the temple, so He could have done some sort of strength event… and then of course He was a fisherman, so He probably would have been good at a rowing event… I don’t know… Oh, wait. That’s right. Son of God… Perfect human… He could have taken his pick. I guess that’s why wise athletes thank God when they succeed in sport. Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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