Robin Williams

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of Robin Williams death, and it still kind of hurts. I remember the shock and all the tributes and I remember being really mad at times. I was mad that he did all of those movies that dealt with suicide and suicidal thoughts and strong emotions, and then killed himself anyway. As a parent I was mad that he left his kids. I haven’t been able to watch the Dead Poet’s Society since then I don’t think. How could he do this to the world when he meant so much to the world? I guess doing some of those movies was his attempt at handling his own depression.

Over time I realized I was not being very Christ-like by being angry with a man that was so sad he had to take his life. I’ve always thought suicide was selfish, but it’s starting to sink into my thick head that there are certain impulses that can not be managed with logic or self help or even friendship. Think how many friends Robin must have had. I would never kill myself, but I am going to be more careful in my judgments in the future, and if YOU ever find yourself in a dark place and YOU are all alone, get out and find help as fast as you can. Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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