Two months!

Two months ago we had 4000 new Covid cases in the U.S., and I was like okay….pretty soon we’ll be down into the hundreds and then it will basically be over! I’ve got to stop saying things like that to myself. Yesterday we had 187,000 new cases in the U.S. How do you go from 4000 to 187,000 in TWO MONTHS?!? And why are people not doing more about it? I know we all know why they aren’t and it’s like beating a dead horse to talk about it, but I still want to make my point about these numbers. If it were an increase in just about anything else negative, people would be on it! If the field behind your house suddenly went from having 4000 insects to 187,000…. you’d try to do something about it. If your kid was assigned a book with 4000 words and then one with 187,000 – you’d try to do something about it. If your wait for a bathroom break at work went from 4000 seconds to 187,000 seconds – you’d, well … you’d explode. We should look at the increase in Covid cases in the same way. Just get vaccinated. It’s okay to admit you were wrong. Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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