Okay, I know I should know more about these things given the name of my blog, but I never really researched the process and side effects of being on a ventilator (until today), because I understood the concept and I realized it was a scary process. That was enough to know – or so I thought. But today I learned a lot more. Today I learned just how scary these things are. I read several stories on the internet today about people who had had to be on ventilators and I am now terrified of those things!

Basically it’s like the aliens who attach themselves to your face from the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver. You have to be intubated, which often means sedation, but from one of the stories I read, I learned that some people remember everything that’s happening, and then once the tube is in and the machine is on, sometimes you and the machine don’t sync up so you feel like you need to breathe but the machine is not ready yet, and then other times you breathe too hard and you and the machine aren’t compatible for that reason, and then sometimes you develop delirium and try to pull out the tube, which means hospital staff have to fight you and damage your throat trying to put it back in, and… and… and I’m going fast because I am traumatizing myself!! Sound like a fun process? Doesn’t getting a vaccine shot seem like the easier choice?

But I guess there are those who would rather take their chances with all that I just described, and then maybe even be so sick that they have to have a tracheostomy, or maybe some nice side effects like pneumonia or heart failure, or maybe they’re just looking forward to the months and months of recovery it will take to be back to normal. ARDS is no joke, and if you know homemade remedies for Covid but don’t know what ARDS stands for, you might want to shift your focus. I’ll tell you what, I would go way out of my way to avoid a ventilator. If doctors one day say that “new data shows that the vaccines were not as effective as we thought, but we now know that kissing a pig on the mouth will give you that last bit of added protection,” I will be running to the closest farm ASAP with my lips primed and puckered! Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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