Magnolia grenades

The other day my 12-year-old was talking about how some early childhood memories stick with her, and she was specifically talking about the color song for the color yellow. “Y-E-LL-O-W spells yellow! Y-E-LL-O-W spells yellow!” She went on to say that when she now goes to spell that word that little part of the song pops into her head whether she wants it to or not. It was neat timing hearing that story, because this morning I walked past the very magnolia tree I used to walk by when I was a child, and when I would walk past it as a child I ALWAYS had to pick up one of the seed pods, break off the stem, and then throw my imaginary grenade into the bushes to blow up the enemy! And I’m pretty sure I would make the exploding sound with my mouth at the moment it would land! I’m so glad I still have memories like that at age 46. Age 46 can be stressful and scary at times, but remembering little soldier me puts things in perspective. Little soldier me wasn’t worried about life. Everything was interesting and entertaining back then….even a seed pod. We all need to keep those “fearless us” memories handy for the age of Covid. Thanks for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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