Hey pal, can you spare a billion?

I’m very happy to hear that Washington is working to finalize a “billionaire’s tax.” Ever since I first heard there was such a thing as a “billionaire” I’ve thought that was a ridiculous thing for society to have. And we have 600 billionaires in this country! How is that even possible?? No one needs or deserves to have a billion dollars or more. If they’re not willing to give it away, it’s good that government is going to take some of it. I actually wish they would take more. I think they’re talking about 15 to 20 percent. It seems like some of these guys could give a lot more – maybe 50% even. Jeff Bezos’ wealth went from 45.2 billion in 2016 up to 193.3 billion now. I’m pretty sure he would be fine if we took half of that 5 year’s wealth increase. I don’t think he or anyone in his family would have to start panhandling at any point if we left him with like 120 billion rather than 193. Now we’ve just got to find a way to keep him and all the other fat cats from hiding or transferring or renaming their riches in some way. Maybe that’s why he runs a huge shipping company… in case one day he needed to fill the boxes with cash and mail them to associates all over the globe?? That’s it! I’m on to you Bezos!

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Mark Inglis

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