A cold walk

On my morning walk today I passed a guy who was wearing only jeans and a light sweater. It was 51 degrees and raining and very windy this morning. I’m not sure if he was homeless, but he definitely was having a tough start to his day. He had to be freezing. I wanted to help him, but I didn’t have any money or anything I could give him. When I went back to try and find him with some cash and a coat he was gone. If Christmas gifts and toys are in short supply this year like they are predicting, I would suggest using that extra cash to help someone in need. Do they deserve it? Maybe not. Will they use your money on drugs? Maybe. But it’s not our place to judge. God knows I’ve judged people wrong in the past, but with all the mercy and forgiveness I’ve been shown over the years, I owe it to my God to just go out there and help if I have the means and see a need. We can all do that this year and make the Xmas season more about people and less about stuff. Thanks for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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