Travis Scott

I must confess that when I first heard of the incident at the Travis Scott concert I only had one thought on my mind. “Who the heck is Travis Scott?” I get that I’m older now and that it makes sense that I don’t know all of the popular names, but it seems like I would have at least heard of the guy who was so great that all of those smart young people voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way just to get close to him. Because that’s what happened. My years of experience would have taken me out of that disaster waiting to happen before it happened, but for some reason all those young people stayed and waited for the inevitable. Was it rage against Covid? “We’re going to finally be in a giant crowd no matter what happens!” Was it idol worship? Was it the fallacy of sunken costs… “I’ve gone this far, I’m not leaving now!”

My guess was it was a bit of all three. It’s a shame we put ourselves in bad situations over bad reasoning. And I do it too. Not usually in a big public event, but I often choose “me, me, me” over a Holy and Christ-like choice. I’m not saying the victims were bad people, but they were definitely in a “me, me, me” frame of mind. God gave us a brain and senses for a reason. It’s to help us appreciate, but it’s also to save us from heartache. We need to be able to envision possible outcomes based on the evidence at hand. Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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