No escape from the ICU

I was reading a Washington Post article this morning by Lenny Bernstein and Dan Keating, and it was about how even after Covid patients are released from the ICU, they’re not really in a much better place. They pointed out how it usually takes months to not only recover from Covid, but also to recover from their ICU treatment. The deep sedation and plethora of other drugs and immobility meant months of either brain fog and weakness after release from the ICU (if they were lucky), or even worse brain trauma and health problems if they were not. ICU survivors apparently also had a metallic taste in their mouths for months as well. And then think of the incredible cost! So, ultimately, I guess I’m just trying to talk some more people into getting vaccinated. Will it happen to you my unvaccinated friend? Probably not, but it’s a possibility. No one can handle that kind of prolonged heartache from ICU and then ICU recovery, and no one should have to endure months and months of agony because they were too sure of themselves to spare 20 minutes of time for a free shot. Thank you for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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