“Religious” Exemption

Oh, what a world we live in. We’ve already got Jesus busy helping us get rich; and we’ve got Him helping our team win the big game; and we’ve got Him siding with us on our political views; and now we want Him to be on our side against government and business mandates. You know, I would actually be impressed if the people claiming religious exemption were doing it because they truly loved God and honestly believed that God was against the mandate, but you know most of the people who claim that are just using our Creator to once again back up their own selfish, uninformed beliefs. You really expect me to believe that the guy who died on a cross to save YOU from your sins doesn’t want YOU to get a shot to protect your neighbor?? The guy that said “Love your neighbor as yourself” doesn’t want you to think about your neighbor’s health?? Come on now! Don’t bring Jesus into it. If you feel so strongly about it, just be honest and say “I don’t want to” and if you lose your job, you lose your job. Thanks for reading my blog.

Mark Inglis

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