Childhood bedroom

I’ve worked 2 days recently clearing the clutter out of my childhood bedroom, and I can now proudly declare that there is room on either side of the bed and at the foot of the bed to actually walk! The room seems ginormous now and my mother is getting excited about possibly using the extraContinue reading “Childhood bedroom”

Stuff units

I tried to walk into my middle and youngest daughter’s room recently, and there was no place for me to put my feet. I couldn’t take one step into the room, because there were toys and clothes and papers and stuff everywhere. Now, I know this is not an isolated event. I know kids andContinue reading “Stuff units”

The F-bomb sermon

Most times I try not to swear. There are better ways of expressing your feelings and swearing just adds to your angry mood. I try to reserve my swears for times where I hit my thumb with a hammer or someone swerves into my lane when I’m driving or something similar like that. I tryContinue reading “The F-bomb sermon”

Return of the Covid Cutie

As I have talked about from time to time, my wife runs a home daycare, and unfortunately, part of the job is having to let little ones grow up and leave the daycare. They can’t stay four forever. But last year we lost one of our favorites due to Covid-19. Her parents wanted to beContinue reading “Return of the Covid Cutie”

Happy Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! This is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s almost always sunny and very Spring like. Even today, we just had a massive thunderstorm go through in the night, but now it’s a happy sun in the sky. With all the puddles from the storms, it fits perfectly withContinue reading “Happy Palm Sunday!”

Treating Covid blues with kids

On occasion, meaning at least a few times a day, it is difficult to concentrate in my home, and that’s because my wife has a home daycare. The daycare has been a great blessing, but there are also times where the screaming is so loud I can’t hear myself think, and there are times whenContinue reading “Treating Covid blues with kids”

The paradoxes of driving and faith

Today I want to talk about 2 paradoxes. The first applies to everyday life, and then the second is connected, but is mainly about faith. The first is about driving. How do young people drive? Fast! And how do old people drive? Slow! But isn’t that backwards from the way it should be? Young peopleContinue reading “The paradoxes of driving and faith”