It happened

After almost 650,000 deaths in the U.S., Covid has finally crept into my world. I just had the first person that I knew well die of Covid this week, and it feels just like I thought it would. Awful. I had not talked to this person in a long time, but he was a bigContinue reading “It happened”

Two months!

Two months ago we had 4000 new Covid cases in the U.S., and I was like okay….pretty soon we’ll be down into the hundreds and then it will basically be over! I’ve got to stop saying things like that to myself. Yesterday we had 187,000 new cases in the U.S. How do you go fromContinue reading “Two months!”

Jesus the athlete?

I enjoyed watching the Olympics yesterday. I watched some skateboarding, and basketball, and gymnastics, and triathlon, but it didn’t dawn on me until this morning… I wonder if Jesus was an athlete, … what kind would He have been? He would have had good endurance from all the walking everywhere and climbing mounts to giveContinue reading “Jesus the athlete?”


I went for a walk this morning, and there was trash thrown out in the streets in multiple places. What’s behind the thinking on littering? I just don’t get it. Do litterbugs hate everyone? Aren’t they basically saying I want everyone to know I don’t care about this planet or your rights to an unclutteredContinue reading “Litterbugs!”

America’s Dad

When I found out that Heathcliff Huxtable was a rapist I didn’t know what was what anymore. Down was up, right was left,… I thought anything was possible. I thought maybe I really didn’t know anyone! I let this guy into my house as a kid and watched his antics and thought how much funContinue reading “America’s Dad”

Happy 4th?

Last night my city did an early fireworks display at the park across the street from our house, and when I was getting chairs set up for us in the front yard I asked my oldest daughter if she was ready to go out and see the fireworks, and she told me she didn’t wantContinue reading “Happy 4th?”

Forgotten granddaughters

Today I need to get back in touch with my granddaughters. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve forgotten some of their names. But in my defense, there are over 20 names to remember – maybe even 30 at this point. I’m speaking (of course) about my 11-year-old daughter’s Cabbage Patch Cuties. At one point I knewContinue reading “Forgotten granddaughters”

“In Christ Alone”

I’m going through a scary time in my life right now, but I know I’m not alone, and that my problems are not what I should be focusing on… this great song by Stuart Townend is a great way to get through tough times, and I would especially recommend the Newsboys version…. In Christ aloneContinue reading ““In Christ Alone””

We are the cure

I like that old joke about the guy who’s stuck in a flood, and all of these different people come by and try to save him, but he says “No thanks. I’ve prayed to God to save me,” and so then eventually the flood waters rise even higher and kill him, and then when heContinue reading “We are the cure”

Worst Father’s Day Ever!

This year was my 20th father’s day(if you count when my wife was pregnant with our first), but it was also my worst! All day father’s day I knew that my wife had an appointment the very next day with a divorce lawyer, and that my marriage of almost 20 years was about to end.Continue reading “Worst Father’s Day Ever!”