The F-bomb sermon

Most times I try not to swear. There are better ways of expressing your feelings and swearing just adds to your angry mood. I try to reserve my swears for times where I hit my thumb with a hammer or someone swerves into my lane when I’m driving or something similar like that. I tryContinue reading “The F-bomb sermon”

Happy Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! This is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s almost always sunny and very Spring like. Even today, we just had a massive thunderstorm go through in the night, but now it’s a happy sun in the sky. With all the puddles from the storms, it fits perfectly withContinue reading “Happy Palm Sunday!”

Dangerous groceries

What a world we live in, this crazy “United” States of ours! Who expects to get gunned down at the grocery store?!? Well, in America I guess everyone should, because guess what? In America there are more guns than people! We have had over 1300 people killed in mass shootings since Columbine, and some peopleContinue reading “Dangerous groceries”

Too cold for Jesus

One of the very unfortunate outcomes of the corona virus is that I decided to stop attending the church that my family was a part of for almost four years. I disagreed with the leadership’s stance on gatherings. They decided to end almost all group worship, whereas I believed with proper social distancing and maskContinue reading “Too cold for Jesus”

Five dollars for gas?

I once went to Walmart to get a belt, and when I went to pay for it, the price was $5 less than the sticker price. On my way out to my car, my excitement about my savings, (because it doesn’t take much to excite me), was interrupted by a young man who asked ifContinue reading “Five dollars for gas?”


I’ll go ahead and have a disclaimer at the beginning of this one. I’m going to do a blog that may not be very popular based on my blog name, but I’m doing it for honorable reasons. I disapprove of the general handling of the pandemic by the Christian church. Many, many Christian churches closedContinue reading “Churcharona”

3rd Covid kid

I’m pretty good at not letting a rapid rise in negative numbers worry me. When I was a kid and cheering for the Atlanta Braves, I didn’t worry about the rapid rise of Dale Murphy strikeouts or Braves losses, and sure enough, after 7 years of cheering for them they finally made it to theContinue reading “3rd Covid kid”

Money always buys happiness

I grew up always hearing that “money can’t buy happiness,” and I would hear that from people I trusted, so for a long time I just assumed that statement was correct. It was also corroborated by the 1st Timothy verse about the love of money being the root of all evil. But as I gotContinue reading “Money always buys happiness”

Encouragement in songs

During scary times like the corona age we need lots of encouragement. I sometimes like to turn to 1970’s and 1980’s pop music, because it’s hard to be worried about anything if you soak in enough of those mindless upbeat songs about discos and teenage love and walking like Egyptians. But on occasion, I likeContinue reading “Encouragement in songs”