Bad people

It’s so easy to dislike bad people – you know, people that are mean and hateful and disrespectful, people not willing to be nice to strangers and kids and dogs. There’s plenty of them out there, but I learned from one of the bad people in my neighborhood the other day that these bad peopleContinue reading “Bad people”

Art show

I’ve got an art show coming up next week, and I’m really excited about it. I get a 24 foot wall in a gallery in Huntsville, Al, and the 7 paintings I chose of mine will be up for a month and a half…. unless some sell(hopefully). I had a hard time deciding what toContinue reading “Art show”

Can’t see the trees for the forest

Okay, I know the expression is “can’t see the forest for the trees,” but when I think of my writing, sometimes it’s more like my title. I start thinking about stupid stuff like how I want to be remembered, or how many books will I write in total, or will I actually make a goodContinue reading “Can’t see the trees for the forest”

I finally got it!

On Monday of this week I finally got my Covid vaccine. I got the Johnson and Johnson one, and for the most part it was a breeze. The injection hurt, and then the injection site was sore for about 48 hours, but no other side effects for me. You’d think someone who had “Corona” inContinue reading “I finally got it!”

The power of MJ

Today I thought I would do another sports cards blog to further examine how crazy this world of ours really is. Today I want to talk about a time that little 12-year-old me made a poor decision with his allowance. In 1987, and I remember this well, I was standing in a Woolworth’s Department storeContinue reading “The power of MJ”

Media mania

Let me start out by saying that I believe most of what the mainstream media reports is true and accurate. Of course there are mistakes from time to time, but if you see a story in lots of different places from lots of different outlets, it’s probably as true as it can be at theContinue reading “Media mania”

A walk in the woods

The other day I went for a walk in the woods on a mountain, and I still have sort of a peaceful frame of mind from it. The mountain was Monte Sano in Huntsville, Alabama, and I guess it’s barely a mountain as mountains go, but I was able to walk there and be completelyContinue reading “A walk in the woods”

I’m too judgmental!

I was reminded by my wife recently that I am too judgmental, and she’s right! I’ve tried to ingrain it in my brain not to do that, but it comes so naturally in this world. We’re surrounded by people that are praised and enriched by judging; from talent shows to singing shows to talk showContinue reading “I’m too judgmental!”

“Good point”…or at least “nice boots”.

Originally posted on CORONACHRISTIAN13:
In our very divided world today I find it increasingly difficult to get people to admit when they have made a mistake – and especially when they’ve invested time and money and put their good name out there with the mistake. I think intellectually most people would say that in a…

That’s impossible. Use your brain.

On Wednesday of this week one of the most amazing athletes and greatest father’s of all time died. Dick Hoyt of “Team Hoyt” died at the age of 80. If you don’t know this name, look it up, because it’s a name you need to know if you want to understand overcoming the impossible. IContinue reading “That’s impossible. Use your brain.”