It happened

After almost 650,000 deaths in the U.S., Covid has finally crept into my world. I just had the first person that I knew well die of Covid this week, and it feels just like I thought it would. Awful. I had not talked to this person in a long time, but he was a bigContinue reading “It happened”

Best movie prayer

As a Christian, I like to look for great spiritual messages in popular culture. Often times they are few and far between, but for that reason when I find one, it is usually special and stays with me over time. I found one of my favorite prayers in an action movie about vikings of allContinue reading “Best movie prayer”

Two months!

Two months ago we had 4000 new Covid cases in the U.S., and I was like okay….pretty soon we’ll be down into the hundreds and then it will basically be over! I’ve got to stop saying things like that to myself. Yesterday we had 187,000 new cases in the U.S. How do you go fromContinue reading “Two months!”


One thing I look forward to about the end of July is that the figs on our fig tree start to ripen. I don’t even really like figs that much, but I like the idea of a bunch of fruit being readily accessible each morning without any work. I didn’t have to water the treeContinue reading “Figs!”

Forest for the trees

“Can’t see the forest for the trees” has always been one of my favorite expressions. I was reminded of that this week on a trip to Weiss lake in Alabama. I “accidentally” overheard an older couple arguing about work that needed to be done around their lake house, and they were really going at it!Continue reading “Forest for the trees”

Ernest T. crashes through his windshield

Pretend the seat belt was just invented late last year. For months before it was created, people were sailing through their windshields when they had head-on collisions. People were dying right and left, but scientists were working around the clock to create something that would protect them, and then Eureka!, they did it! They madeContinue reading “Ernest T. crashes through his windshield”

Worst to Best in 60 seconds

This morning I was witness to one of the most evil people I’ve ever seen and then in less than 60 seconds one of the most wonderful. This morning while I was walking, I saw a driver purposefully run over a duck in the road. She had plenty of time to see that it wasContinue reading “Worst to Best in 60 seconds”


I was listening to the Pink Floyd song “Time” the other day, and I realized with quite a bit of shame that despite understanding the correctness of the message when I first heard this song 25+ years ago, I failed to take that message to heart. I agreed with the message of getting great thingsContinue reading “Time”

More daycare quotes!

A common theme in my blogging is my appreciation of the amazingly cute and wonderful things that come out of my ex-wife’s daycare classroom. If you’re living like a child it’s hard to not be optimistic – unless Luke snatches the toy you were playing with…so here’s some direct quotes heard by me this yearContinue reading “More daycare quotes!”


I went for a walk this morning, and there was trash thrown out in the streets in multiple places. What’s behind the thinking on littering? I just don’t get it. Do litterbugs hate everyone? Aren’t they basically saying I want everyone to know I don’t care about this planet or your rights to an unclutteredContinue reading “Litterbugs!”