Nonsense news

I thought for sure that all of the major news outlets were following my blog, but I guess they’re not, because they are not following my advice about avoiding nonsensical, unimportant, sensationalistic stories. This morning on Good Morning America they reported on a side effect of the vaccines that causes a heart problem. Okay, thatContinue reading “Nonsense news”

Stuff units

I tried to walk into my middle and youngest daughter’s room recently, and there was no place for me to put my feet. I couldn’t take one step into the room, because there were toys and clothes and papers and stuff everywhere. Now, I know this is not an isolated event. I know kids andContinue reading “Stuff units”

Yard Sale!

The Southerner in me just loves yard sales, and I didn’t get to have one last year, so now that things are getting better, I’m going to have a yard sale tomorrow! My lovely wife is making me be careful, though. Even though it’s an outdoor “affair”, I’m going to set up a table withContinue reading “Yard Sale!”

100 blogs!

Today I’m doing my 100th blog! I believe I started back in August, so I’m chugging along at a pretty good pace. I know I have a lot of work to do, however. I haven’t done much with my site except for the blogs and a couple of pictures. I keep putting off more work,Continue reading “100 blogs!”

The F-bomb sermon

Most times I try not to swear. There are better ways of expressing your feelings and swearing just adds to your angry mood. I try to reserve my swears for times where I hit my thumb with a hammer or someone swerves into my lane when I’m driving or something similar like that. I tryContinue reading “The F-bomb sermon”

Hidden Treasure

When I was a kid, one of the local radio stations in my hometown had a contest with a prize of $1000 (I think – I was a kid and have slept a few times since then, so some of the details of my story might be inaccurate). I think the contest was to findContinue reading “Hidden Treasure”

Return of the Covid Cutie

As I have talked about from time to time, my wife runs a home daycare, and unfortunately, part of the job is having to let little ones grow up and leave the daycare. They can’t stay four forever. But last year we lost one of our favorites due to Covid-19. Her parents wanted to beContinue reading “Return of the Covid Cutie”

A walk in the woods

The other day I went for a walk in the woods on a mountain, and I still have sort of a peaceful frame of mind from it. The mountain was Monte Sano in Huntsville, Alabama, and I guess it’s barely a mountain as mountains go, but I was able to walk there and be completelyContinue reading “A walk in the woods”


I’ll start out by saying I know this is old news, and I should have complained about it years ago, but it still drives me nuts! When did we all get too busy to use full words and phrases, and by using abbreviations all the time is it really saving us any time? When IContinue reading “Abbreviationland”

I’m too judgmental!

I was reminded by my wife recently that I am too judgmental, and she’s right! I’ve tried to ingrain it in my brain not to do that, but it comes so naturally in this world. We’re surrounded by people that are praised and enriched by judging; from talent shows to singing shows to talk showContinue reading “I’m too judgmental!”