Worst to Best in 60 seconds

This morning I was witness to one of the most evil people I’ve ever seen and then in less than 60 seconds one of the most wonderful. This morning while I was walking, I saw a driver purposefully run over a duck in the road. She had plenty of time to see that it wasContinue reading “Worst to Best in 60 seconds”

“In Christ Alone”

I’m going through a scary time in my life right now, but I know I’m not alone, and that my problems are not what I should be focusing on… this great song by Stuart Townend is a great way to get through tough times, and I would especially recommend the Newsboys version…. In Christ aloneContinue reading ““In Christ Alone””

No one ever dreamed?

Today I would like to write about the stampede in Israel on Thursday night, and how it boggles my mind. At least 45 people were trampled to death at this religious ceremony. 45 people trampled to death. First of all, how do you have SO MANY people at an event that it is possible forContinue reading “No one ever dreamed?”

It used to be a virtue

I was shocked and amazed the other day about the news of the 133 car pileup in Fort Worth. I just don’t understand how that many cars could be involved…. how that many drivers were going that fast in hazardous conditions. I’ve never understood the need to get to your destination as fast as youContinue reading “It used to be a virtue”

Rainforest Death

My title makes it seem like I’m going to talk about the destruction of the rainforests, which is probably something I should do one day, but my actual topic is my own death. When I was in high school I had a dream that was so real and so vivid and so dynamic that it’sContinue reading “Rainforest Death”

2nd Christian tattoo

Early on in my blogs I talked about my first and third Christian tattoos, but I skipped over the second. I did not skip it for any particular reason, and the fact that I skipped it at all is not a purposeful omission on my part, but rather it is further evidence that my mindContinue reading “2nd Christian tattoo”


4000. Four thousand. FOUR THOUSAND. I’ve done a blog in the past where I talked about how amazed I was about the number of people dying from Covid-19, but this number is really hard to wrap my brain around. 4000 people dying in 24 hours. It’s just crazy. When this all started last Spring, andContinue reading “4000”

Super nurses

On Sunday afternoon I went to a memorial chapel for someone that died right before Christmas. I’ve always felt uncomfortable dealing with death and the loved ones left behind, and especially at Christmastime. I felt awkward and nervous and I’m ashamed to say that I was so relieved once I was out of there. ButContinue reading “Super nurses”

On the mountain pass

A recurring theme in my blogs is my inability to understand why Christians fear death, so today I’m going to give a quote that I found accidentally while I was reading “The Will to Believe” by philosopher William James. The quote is about being faithful during times of uncertainty (like now) even in the faceContinue reading “On the mountain pass”

Excerpt from my second book

The following is an excerpt from my second short novel entitled, Alone. “How we perceive death, like all other areas of human understanding, is dependent upon the circumstances from which it arises. Death is like real estate. Location, location, location. Death on the battlefield is glorious and honorable. Death in a hospital on life supportContinue reading “Excerpt from my second book”