The power of MJ

Today I thought I would do another sports cards blog to further examine how crazy this world of ours really is. Today I want to talk about a time that little 12-year-old me made a poor decision with his allowance. In 1987, and I remember this well, I was standing in a Woolworth’s Department storeContinue reading “The power of MJ”

Tom Brady is how much better??

As I have said in the past, over the years I have bought and sold thousands and thousands of sports cards as part of my income. 95% of the cards out there in the world are practically worthless, but that other 5% can contain some real treasure. After the year Tom Brady had recently, hisContinue reading “Tom Brady is how much better??”

The things we value

I was thinking again today about how odd it is that baseball cards are valuable. I’ve bought and sold cards since I was a kid, and somehow they just keep getting more and more valuable… at least the rarest and most sought after. Sports cards can sell for tens of thousands of dollars each ifContinue reading “The things we value”

The multitude of “Holy” “Grails”

We are a world that appreciates possessions, and the more exceptional and sought after that they are, the more that supposedly gives us increased pleasure and satisfaction for owning them. There are “limited” items and “special edition” items and “gold” versions, but I’ve noticed that the most popular for really “rare” items is the “HolyContinue reading “The multitude of “Holy” “Grails””