I miss my mansion

I miss my mansion. No, I wasn’t once rich and lost it all, and when I say “my” mansion, I didn’t actually own it. When I was fresh out of college I got a job at the University of Alabama in Huntsville as the “Facilities Manager” and one of the amazing perks of that jobContinue reading “I miss my mansion”

First mow

I mowed our front yard for the first time this year yesterday. It didn’t really need it yet, but I wanted to jump start the feeling of Spring, so I went ahead and mowed the little bit of purple flowers and onion grass that was popping up. It felt really good. I’m like that aboutContinue reading “First mow”

Thank God for Fall

My last blog from three days ago I was talking about being weary from all of the bad news, but on today’s blog I’m going to be completely different and talk about how energized I am by the Fall colors and leaves and wind and cooler temperatures! I live in Alabama, so we usually onlyContinue reading “Thank God for Fall”