Forest for the trees

“Can’t see the forest for the trees” has always been one of my favorite expressions. I was reminded of that this week on a trip to Weiss lake in Alabama. I “accidentally” overheard an older couple arguing about work that needed to be done around their lake house, and they were really going at it!Continue reading “Forest for the trees”

100 years ago

In my last blog I joked about “if we ever get that stimulus check”, and then it was finally approved, so today I’m going to joke about that 50 million dollars I want. Just kidding. I was really thinking about how things tend to look up or appear more promising and optimistic at Christmastime, andContinue reading “100 years ago”

I have to watch it!

So my family and I watched “Home Alone” again yesterday. I believe it was our 784th time seeing it, but there’s just no getting around it… I have to watch it every Christmas! I would feel like a major part of Christmas was missing if I didn’t watch it. I would probably shrivel up andContinue reading “I have to watch it!”

It’s okay to take a break from the news

If a mosquito bites us, we swat it right away. If a bee stings us, we’re aware of what caused our pain immediately. And right before we have to speak in front of a crowd, most of us are aware of what’s causing our anxiety. The causes of these moments of discomfort are easy toContinue reading “It’s okay to take a break from the news”