Bad people

It’s so easy to dislike bad people – you know, people that are mean and hateful and disrespectful, people not willing to be nice to strangers and kids and dogs. There’s plenty of them out there, but I learned from one of the bad people in my neighborhood the other day that these bad peopleContinue reading “Bad people”

Oh Marcell!

So, as I’ve said several times in my blogs, I’ve bought and sold baseball cards for many years, and often times I’ll invest in one certain player. One of those that I invested in recently was Marcell Ozuna. I guess that investment is worthless now! For those of you who haven’t heard, Marcell Ozuna (ofContinue reading “Oh Marcell!”

Jesus busts a cap in the leper

I was thinking back this morning to those verses in Matthew where a leper approaches Jesus, and gets a little too aggressive with his pleas for healing, and Jesus has to drop him with his Smith and Wesson. Oh wait, wait, wait…. that doesn’t sound right. Oh, I’m confusing it for the time in LukeContinue reading “Jesus busts a cap in the leper”

The United States of Violence

In most of the reports I’m hearing about the violence at the Capitol, the reporters seem to be conveying shock and surprise, like “I can’t believe this happened!” But to that I say, “I can’t believe it doesn’t happen more often.” Here’s a short list… UFC, football, hockey, Halloween, Friday the 13th, the Purge, theContinue reading “The United States of Violence”

Capitol Crazies

Yesterday morning I was trying to figure out what kind of blog I was going to write for the day, and I procrastinated until the afternoon. I’m glad I did, because then the craziness at the Capitol happened, and consequently decided my blog topic for me. So, for my blog, I’m going to tie inContinue reading “Capitol Crazies”