He is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed! What a day! This day reminds me and us that we have nothing to fear…not even death. I feel so powerful and so free on this day, like I should be doing some great feat of endurance or some great work of art or overcoming my fear of public speaking byContinue reading “He is Risen!”

Hi Red Bud!

I’m always amazed at how fast Nature works in the Spring. I’ve included a picture of our Red Bud tree to prove my point. Just a few days ago there was nothing, and now there’s all of this color… and it’s not even officially Spring yet! I guess it’s pretty much like the Easter story…Continue reading “Hi Red Bud!”

Swaddling Clothes

Merry Christmas everyone! I am so happy this morning, this Christmas Eve at 5:21 in the A.M. I am filled with hope and anticipation for tomorrow and next week and next year and this process started earlier this morning when I was awakened with the thought of “swaddling clothes” in my mind. I’ll never understandContinue reading “Swaddling Clothes”