100 blogs!

Today I’m doing my 100th blog! I believe I started back in August, so I’m chugging along at a pretty good pace. I know I have a lot of work to do, however. I haven’t done much with my site except for the blogs and a couple of pictures. I keep putting off more work,Continue reading “100 blogs!”

How Absurd

Like many people, I’ve recently seen the viral video of the grocery store in Naples Florida where almost no one was wearing a mask in the crowded store. This is at a point where 27,000 Floridians have died from Covid. So I was thrilled to see the store owner interviewed on the NBC Nightly NewsContinue reading “How Absurd”

The things we value

I was thinking again today about how odd it is that baseball cards are valuable. I’ve bought and sold cards since I was a kid, and somehow they just keep getting more and more valuable… at least the rarest and most sought after. Sports cards can sell for tens of thousands of dollars each ifContinue reading “The things we value”