More daycare quotes!

A common theme in my blogging is my appreciation of the amazingly cute and wonderful things that come out of my ex-wife’s daycare classroom. If you’re living like a child it’s hard to not be optimistic – unless Luke snatches the toy you were playing with…so here’s some direct quotes heard by me this yearContinue reading “More daycare quotes!”

“In Christ Alone”

I’m going through a scary time in my life right now, but I know I’m not alone, and that my problems are not what I should be focusing on… this great song by Stuart Townend is a great way to get through tough times, and I would especially recommend the Newsboys version…. In Christ aloneContinue reading ““In Christ Alone””

Best Friend

Today, my blog is just a thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend and wife of almost 20 years, Susan Inglis. I remember being really sad and lonely one day towards the end of my college career, and I prayed right in the middle of my kitchen for God to send someoneContinue reading “Best Friend”

Possessions Possess

I’ve been selling off some of my stuff lately. Not the sentimental stuff, but things that I put back that had value, but no real connection to me or my family or the imagination. I managed to completely empty a safe deposit box today and do away with it, thereby saving me $37.10 a yearContinue reading “Possessions Possess”