Forgotten granddaughters

Today I need to get back in touch with my granddaughters. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve forgotten some of their names. But in my defense, there are over 20 names to remember – maybe even 30 at this point. I’m speaking (of course) about my 11-year-old daughter’s Cabbage Patch Cuties. At one point I knewContinue reading “Forgotten granddaughters”

Happy Palm Sunday!

Happy Palm Sunday everyone! This is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s almost always sunny and very Spring like. Even today, we just had a massive thunderstorm go through in the night, but now it’s a happy sun in the sky. With all the puddles from the storms, it fits perfectly withContinue reading “Happy Palm Sunday!”

Shut up thunder!

Last night we had not one, but two loud thunderstorms back to back, and I couldn’t help thinking of the story from Matthew where Jesus “rebuked” the storm. There’s a lot of things I like about that story. First of all, they had to wake him up! Jesus was such a deep sleeper that heContinue reading “Shut up thunder!”

Five dollars for gas?

I once went to Walmart to get a belt, and when I went to pay for it, the price was $5 less than the sticker price. On my way out to my car, my excitement about my savings, (because it doesn’t take much to excite me), was interrupted by a young man who asked ifContinue reading “Five dollars for gas?”

Possessions Possess

I’ve been selling off some of my stuff lately. Not the sentimental stuff, but things that I put back that had value, but no real connection to me or my family or the imagination. I managed to completely empty a safe deposit box today and do away with it, thereby saving me $37.10 a yearContinue reading “Possessions Possess”

Public Prayer

It’s not often that reading the Bible has made me stop doing something considered virtuous, but when I read Matthew 6: 5-6 it made me almost completely stop praying in public. I still do on rare and special occasions, but for the most part, thanks to those verses, when I pray it’s when I’m completelyContinue reading “Public Prayer”