Hey pal, can you spare a billion?

I’m very happy to hear that Washington is working to finalize a “billionaire’s tax.” Ever since I first heard there was such a thing as a “billionaire” I’ve thought that was a ridiculous thing for society to have. And we have 600 billionaires in this country! How is that even possible?? No one needs orContinue reading “Hey pal, can you spare a billion?”

Art show

I’ve got an art show coming up next week, and I’m really excited about it. I get a 24 foot wall in a gallery in Huntsville, Al, and the 7 paintings I chose of mine will be up for a month and a half…. unless some sell(hopefully). I had a hard time deciding what toContinue reading “Art show”

The power of MJ

Today I thought I would do another sports cards blog to further examine how crazy this world of ours really is. Today I want to talk about a time that little 12-year-old me made a poor decision with his allowance. In 1987, and I remember this well, I was standing in a Woolworth’s Department storeContinue reading “The power of MJ”

Yard Sale!

The Southerner in me just loves yard sales, and I didn’t get to have one last year, so now that things are getting better, I’m going to have a yard sale tomorrow! My lovely wife is making me be careful, though. Even though it’s an outdoor “affair”, I’m going to set up a table withContinue reading “Yard Sale!”

Money Always Buys Happiness

(This is a reblog of my 7th blog, but with people eagerly anticipating more stimulus money, and with all of the excitement surrounding the lotteries this week, I thought it would be a good time to reblog it.) I grew up always hearing that “money can’t buy happiness,” and I would hear that from peopleContinue reading “Money Always Buys Happiness”


(This is a reblog – sorry – busy today) It has come to my attention that there is something in this world called a “billionaire”. I didn’t even know this was possible, but apparently some people out there have over a billion dollars! Not a million or ten million or 100 million, but a BILLION!Continue reading “Billionaires”

What’s the hurry?

I was reminded today as I was passed by multiple motorists on Highway 72 in northeast Alabama that one of the great things about being a Christian is that we never again have to be in a hurry. When we die, we get to go to paradise with our Creator for eternity. We get toContinue reading “What’s the hurry?”

Money always buys happiness

I grew up always hearing that “money can’t buy happiness,” and I would hear that from people I trusted, so for a long time I just assumed that statement was correct. It was also corroborated by the 1st Timothy verse about the love of money being the root of all evil. But as I gotContinue reading “Money always buys happiness”