Happy 4th?

Last night my city did an early fireworks display at the park across the street from our house, and when I was getting chairs set up for us in the front yard I asked my oldest daughter if she was ready to go out and see the fireworks, and she told me she didn’t wantContinue reading “Happy 4th?”

Jesus busts a cap in the leper

I was thinking back this morning to those verses in Matthew where a leper approaches Jesus, and gets a little too aggressive with his pleas for healing, and Jesus has to drop him with his Smith and Wesson. Oh wait, wait, wait…. that doesn’t sound right. Oh, I’m confusing it for the time in LukeContinue reading “Jesus busts a cap in the leper”

2nd Christian tattoo

Early on in my blogs I talked about my first and third Christian tattoos, but I skipped over the second. I did not skip it for any particular reason, and the fact that I skipped it at all is not a purposeful omission on my part, but rather it is further evidence that my mindContinue reading “2nd Christian tattoo”

“Good point”…or at least “nice boots”.

In our very divided world today I find it increasingly difficult to get people to admit when they have made a mistake – and especially when they’ve invested time and money and put their good name out there with the mistake. I think intellectually most people would say that in a hypothetical situation, when plentyContinue reading ““Good point”…or at least “nice boots”.”

Saying “no” to bullies

When I was in the 7th grade, I had my first encounter with a bully who got it in his head that he wanted to fight me. I don’t remember his reasoning – probably just because I was a skinny, nerdy looking kid and I was an easy target, but for whatever reason he corneredContinue reading “Saying “no” to bullies”