We are the cure

I like that old joke about the guy who’s stuck in a flood, and all of these different people come by and try to save him, but he says “No thanks. I’ve prayed to God to save me,” and so then eventually the flood waters rise even higher and kill him, and then when heContinue reading “We are the cure”


Today is my 46th birthday, and I can honestly say that it feels just like any other day. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the birthday wishes and gifts from loved ones and friends, but internally, today just feels like any other day. At 46 I’m no longer excited about my birthday, but I’m notContinue reading “46”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I’m just going to list everything I’m thankful for… I’ll start with the serious list and end with the entertaining list. Here goes… I am thankful for… Salvation, the Trinity, family, a roof over my head, health, children, safety, freedom, food, water, clothing, Christmas, Easter, warmth, comfort, a bed, shoes, chocolate, the Thanksgiving meal,Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”